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Rail Trail a 'Great Escape'

The Lonely Planet has recently named the Otago Central Rail Trail as one of 75 great escapes in its Wild Escapes section.

According to the Lonely Planet, "an escape is a chance to reassess your life, to recharge your batteries, to so completely divorce yourself from normality that by the time you return to the nine-to-five grind you've forgotten all your passwords."

The OCRT Trust chairwoman, Kate Wilson, describes this as, 'Absolutely brilliant.' and went on to say, 'But we're not surprised...It's a credit to all the operators and DOC (Department of Conservation)

The guide describes the trail in glowing terms:

- 'The gold rush is gone and today there is no rush of any sort. Though the cycling is easy, the distractions are many..'

- 'The trail is punctuated with pubs - a dozen hotels in 150km making this ride civilised in any world.'

What are you waiting for book now!!