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Taieri Gorge Railway


Construction beagn in 1879 and the first section opened in 1889. Eventually this rail link into Central Otago would run from Dunedin to Cromwell. Completing the whole line took until 1921. By the 1980's the writing was on the wall and with the completion of the Clyde dam the section from Clyde to Cromwell was closed. By 1990 only the section from Middlemarch to Dunedin remained.

However, it's a stunner. Dunedin to Middlemarch preserves some of the best Victorian engineering around. 10 tunnels and 35 bridges were needed to push the line through difficult country. The scenery is spectacular.

Today the line carries tourists rather than stock, wool, fruit and gold. Why not finish your rail trail adventure with a trip on the Taieri Gorge Railway? (We will book tickets for you at no extra cost.)