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This is AB 608

This historic locomotive is 100 years old and is named 'Passchendaele.' It has been restored to perfect working order. This was built in the golden age of railways in New Zealand.It is the same class of locomotive that used to run on the Otago Central line. Another loco of the same class, AB 782, was involved in the tragic Hyde Rail Disaster in 1943. This was the only serious accident on the line but remains second worst rail accident in our history. Only Tangiwai had a greater loss of life.

The sight and sound of one of these exiting the number 2 tunnel and then thundering across the Poolburn viaduct must have been an experience that you would have remembered.

Today the roar and clank of the steam engine is gone and cyclists calmly meander where once a railway worked. It is New Zealand's original Great Ride. Why not come and join us for a rail trail adventure?