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Covid 19

The rapidly evolving situation with the Covid-19 virus has meant that the New Zealand Government has now recommended that all non-essential travel cease immediately.

While we were able to continue to offer tours, the ban on travel and new reported cases of infection means that the moral and responsible option is to suspend operations until the situation improves. Anything we can do to keep people safe must be done.

Most of the service providers on the Otago Central Rail Trail are now also shutting down. This will mean that travellers will have very limited options for support if they choose to ride the trail at present.

This situation is unprecedented and requires immediate action. Once the tour that is currently under way is completed we will run no further tours until the 'all clear' is given and our guests are free to travel once more.

We know that some of our guests will be disappointed and acknowledge that some have gone to extraordinary lengths to try and get here.

We will be in contact with all of the guests who have booked tours for March and April. We have decided that, in the interests of fairness, we will offer the opportunity to re-book at a later date.