Bike Hire & Merchandise

We are open over the winter months for casual bike hire by arrangement.

It is best to give us a phone call or an email before coming in.

If you can give us your heights in advance we can have the bikes ready for you when you arrive 

We are also still open for organised tours. Please contact us for enquiries and bookings.

Our bikes are designed for the Rail Trail or for cycling around the town sightseeing. We also have eBikes which make the going a lot easier.

For those who want to venture off-road into the Naseby Forest we have full mountain bikes availble.

We located at 32 Charlemont Street, Ranfurly.

What sort of bikes are available?

We specialise in Avanti bikes. 

If you like a bit more comfort when getting on or off your bike then the modern 'step thru' design might be for you. Our Discovery 3's are the top of their line. They have a more upright riding stance that some find easier on the arms, back and neck.

We also now have two models of E-Bike. These 250W bikes add that extra bit of comfort when the going gets hard. The motor can give different levels of assistance, you choose depending on the conditions.

For those 'die -hards' who like a traditional mountain bike with a high bar have Avanti Atomics. These are rugged and are able to be taken offroad, for example into the Naseby forest..


What about the kids?

  • Children or those of smaller stature will enjoy the Black Thunder or the Shadow models.
  • For younger ones who can sit up and pedal but not ride independently we have tow-along bikes. Some times aslo called half-bikes, these attach to one of the adult bikes, with the child being towed along and doing as much or as little pedalling as they wish.
  • Buggies which are towed behind an adult bike, suit youngsters too young to ride independently but too old or heavy for a child seat. These are equipped with all weather covers and seat belts.
  • We also have child seats. These attach firmly to the bike of an adult.


Each bike is supplied with a helmet, a rear pannier bag (ideal for carrying lunch, clothing etc.) a handlebar pannier bag (perfect for holding your water bottle, sunscreen and camera), cycle computer and a puncture repair kit.

We even provide a gel seat to help make life a bit more comfortable.

Our bike hire service operates by arrangement.

Call Nick on 027 363 3724 or 0800 OFF RAIL


We also sell a range of bike accessories ranging from pumps and tools through to helmets and spare parts such as tyres.


E-Bikes           $100 per day (Rates for multi-day hires by negotiation)

Bikes:              $45 per day   ($35 for childrens bikes) 

Child seat:       $25 per day 

Buggy:             $25 per day 

Pick ups and drop-offs along the trail available by negotiation.

During the winter months it pays to call or email us in advance - - 027 363 3724.



Puffer Vests

Polo Shirts

Cycle Gloves

Water Bottles (Stainless Steel)

Water Bottles (Alloy, Kathmandu) 600ml